10 Reasons why Metta Capital is better than all the other 12Js out there.

Metta Capital, the first of its kind, is a Section 12J portfolio of funds. Having selected the Top 8 best performing funds from the Section 12J universe, through a rigorous investment process, Metta Capital guarantees investors a high-quality, low-risk investment. The chief differentiation about Metta Capital is its single-entry point for investors, into a sea of diversification, both by industry and stage of business.

With the range of industries spanning Hospitality to Junior mining, the portfolio has been carefully crafted, to create a non-cyclical investment, able to withstand any economic environment. This is another crucial differentiation in a world where we are all vying for the best possible investment – relatively high returns with little to no volatility.


Metta Capital’s Investment Mandate and Application forms can be found under the “Invest Now” tab on our website

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